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A Child of God

Who Am I Who am I?  This is the question the Psalter asks in Psalm 8:4.  The question is still one for the ages, "what is man that you are mindful of him,     and the son of man

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Encountering Jesus / VBS 2019

One of my favorite movie franchises is Indiana Jones.  I loved them all as a child, and so much, that in 2008, my wife and I both ventured out the opening weekend to see the newest film. 

Encountering Jesus / VBS 20192019-07-07T19:46:03-05:00

We Preach…But What?

We Preach...But What? As Hillview Baptist Church prepares itself for our upcoming Hillside sermon series (A Study of the Sermon on the Mount) this February 2019, we want to clarify a few things concerning the preaching.  Let's

We Preach…But What?2019-01-22T07:13:06-06:00

2018 Reflection: Looking Ahead, by Looking Back

Looking at Him What is the Church?  Well, maybe it is not what you think. It’s not a building, a social club, and definitely not a temple. In fact, it’s not even for us.  So, what is

2018 Reflection: Looking Ahead, by Looking Back2019-01-14T19:12:42-06:00

Unwrapping Doctrine on Sunday Nights

The Gift of Truth Often times, we overlook the reason behind our own personal belief and experiences.  Why my wife makes such good spaghetti?  Or, even though the thermostat says 65-degrees in the house, why is she going to

Unwrapping Doctrine on Sunday Nights2019-01-07T20:01:08-06:00

The Word Became Flesh

The Word Became Flesh Christmas is almost here and the celebration of Christ coming is in full swing this 2018.  At HBC, we are always excited to declare the gospel and to

The Word Became Flesh2018-12-06T07:17:31-06:00