Be a Leah!

God’s Word tells us bluntly the “plain Jane” Leah was unloved. Can you imagine how she felt?

You may know firsthand how she felt. Leah was stuck in a loveless marriage to a man who was in love with someone else—a someone Leah had competed with and compared herself to all her life. Leah had constantly come up short where Rachel was concerned. She was not as pretty. She was not as shapely. She was not preferred. She was not loved.

But God saw Leah! And God, in His mercy, opened her womb. Leah named her child Reuben, which means, “Look! A Son!” Look at me, Jacob! was her cry as she presented Jacob with his firstborn son. God had seen her and her messed up life. He had blessed her. Now, maybe Jacob would see her—truly see her—and love her, too.

Then she had another son. This one she named Simeon. Simeon means, has heard. “Listen to me, Jacob!” God heard Leah’s cries, but did Jacob? Leah felt invisible—both unseen and unheard by her husband. Next she gave birth to Levi, which sounds like Hebrew for is attached. Leah hoped that Jacob would finally attach himself to her. Everything in her cried, “Love me!” With three sons so far, evidently Jacob didn’t find her repulsive, right? But emotionally, now that she had given him three strapping boys, she wanted a piece of his heart!

Interestingly, something must have happened between Leah’s third son, Levi, and her fourth son, Judah. The name Judah means praise. When Leah gave birth to her fourth baby boy, she called him Judah and said, “This time, I will praise the Lord” (Genesis 30:35). “This time, I won’t go begging. This time, I won’t chase after my husband. This time, I won’t present Jacob with my sacrifice. This time, I will praise the Lord.” Did she suddenly feel seen, heard, and loved? Or did she just decide it was time to opt out of the struggle and instead, choose to trust God and praise Him? Even more interesting is this child, for whom Leah praised the Lord, is the one from whom the blessing for all nations would come. Judah’s family line would lead to Christ Jesus.

God saw Leah. God heard Leah. God gave Leah His full attention and was attached to her. God loved Leah. No matter what you are going through today, you can know God sees you, hears you, is attached to you, and loves you. Be a Leah, and say with her today, “This time, I will praise the Lord.”

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