One of my favorite movie franchises is Indiana Jones.  I loved them all as a child, and so much, that in 2008, my wife and I both ventured out the opening weekend to see the newest film.  This is odd for us, as we are not movie goers in general, unless we have free tickets, it’s a date night, and we were really that pressed for ideas, or, it’s Indiana Jones!  Simply put, it was a little disappointing compared to my childhood, but then again, we enjoyed the evening.

Adventure Awaits

What I loved so much about Indiana Jones was his adventures.  He would go places others had never imagined, and he would encounter things one only dreamed.  Well, such is the case for many when reading through the accounts in the gospels regarding the encounters with Christ. The rare occasion of meeting the Son of Man.  That really isn’t the case, there were scores of people that saw, touched, spoke, and heard Christ, but we have only a few detailed accounts of their ‘one-on-one’ experiences.

Now the Church holds fast to the words of Christ, that He had to “go-away” so the Holy Spirit would come and because of this truth, we have an even better faith than one that would have experienced Christ face-to-face.  Still, we were given the Word to see, hear, and learn who Jesus was, and in these encounters we can see what they meant to a chosen few.  This is the basis for our 2019 VBS as we take children ‘In the Wild’ and see what the encounters of Jesus teach us today.

Five Nights, Five Encounters

Starting on July 21st, we will take our first look that evening at Luke 2:41-52.  In this account we will see that Christ knew exactly where He was and why He had come.  Something we often forget, but is still true today.  The second evening, we will be reading Matthew 3:1-17 where Jesus reveals to all who He is, the Son of God in the baptism of Christ.  On our third night, the lesson will come from Matthew 14:22-33. In the familiar account of Jesus walking on the water, we will see Jesus prove again He is the Son of God.  Night four will come from the reading of John 20:1-18, and in this eye witness account, we will see the truth in the resurrection.  Our final night, we will take a look at the familiar ‘Road to Emmaus’ from Luke 24:13-35. This encounter leads us to the truth, that the scriptures were written so we can believe in Christ.  Each night will be a blessing to all are willing to listen, read along, and see the clear truth of the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Come Experience the Adventure

HBC wants to invite you to bring your children ages 4 – 6th grade from July 21st – 25th to ‘the Hill’ as we gather from 6:00pm – 8:30pm each night.  We will pray, sing, fellowship, snack, and love on your children as we teach them by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit!  We want you to ‘come and grow in Christ with us’ at Hillview Baptist Church!

You can pre-register your child at