Expect a Family Atmosphere

Walking in the door at Hillview feels like you’re walking into someone’s beautifully comfortable living room. A friendly face and welcoming smile will be at the door to greet you and make you feel instantly at home. We are a small church community, and we enjoy each other’s company. Sunday after Sunday, the fellowship of our church family is real, like a family reunion where you’ll hear laughter in one corner and deep discussion in the other.

Expect a Worshipful Service

You can expect a service that is authentically worshipful. We enjoy singing together as we worship the Lord with music from many genres, from classic hymns to Southern Gospel to contemporary worship music. We consider a song’s lyrics and our personal heart focus to be the most important elements when it comes to corporate worship in song.

Expect Kids to be Involved

We believe one of our church family’s most valuable assets is our children, and we long to teach them well, to prepare the next generation to continue the work of discipleship. Many times you’ll notice that children are present in our services, participating by offering special music, receiving the offering, and reciting Scripture.

Expect to Hear about Jesus

You can expect a sermon that is solidly grounded in the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. At Hillview, we long for people to “come grow in Christ with us.” We are all learning and growing daily in our love for the Lord, and our pastors lead us with expository teachings that take us through the Word of God verse by verse. Scripture is studied, taught, and trusted.

What We Believe

Hillview’s statement of faith is in keeping with the Southern Baptist Faith and Message.

Because it can be a little unnerving to come to a church for the first time, we’d love to make your first visit to Hillview a great one! If you’re coming this week, feel free to contact us and we’ll be ready to welcome you!